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Bloch Sonata Pointe Shoes - Regular Shank - S0130 Womens

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Bloch Women's Pointe Shoes Sizing Guide
Women should start 2 - 2.5 sizes smaller than their regular street shoe size. Pointe shoes should be an exact fit to ensure the shoes are properly supportive of your foot and ankle. Your toes should feel flat and touching the end the of shoes when in a plie at the barre. Enpointe, your foot should feel supported in the box of the shoe with limited sliding. The wings of the shoe should cover and support the toe joints, and the shank should not twist on the foot. The shoe will mold to your foot with wear.

Women should go an additional half size smaller and consider one size narrower if they intend wear the pointe shoes without padding.

For styles ES0160, S0172, and S01732, women should start 1.5 - 2 sizes smaller than their regular street shoe size.

Product sizing is to be used as a guide as the actual fit may vary. If you have any concerns about product sizing please contact us prior to ordering.
Color: Pink
Size: 2.5
Width: D Wide

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The Sonata Pointe Shoes by Bloch was designed for uncompromised flexibility and movement.

    • A soft sponge cushion insert is inside the box at the platform, which gives extra comfort and protection when standing en pointe, acting as a shock absorber
    • Complete with removable internal gel toe cushions
    • For the dancer with very flexible arches, Sonata actively supports the foot under the metatarsals while still allowing the foot to arch at the 3⁄4 mark
    • Wide, rounded platform
    • Medium U-shaped vamp and high-cut sides give support
    • Full-length, medium strength shank is partially detached from the shoe past the break point, which gives less resistance while remaining supportive
    • Noise reduction under the pleats
    • Heel has a snug, narrow fit
    • Cotton drawstring
    • Best for slightly tapered to tapered feet

Style: S0130

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Customer Reviews

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Great shoes for my feet!

These shoes are my new go to shoes, and this is pair 3 of this type for me. I have narrow, fine-boned collapsible feet with an average arch. My 1st and 2nd toes are approximately the same length. These shoes aren't very tapered, allowing for comfort through the metatarsal on demi-pointe, and they have a foam cushion in the box for sensitive toes (I can't imagine buying shoes without cushioning at this point). The vamp/wings are long enough that my metatarsal is supported well. They are also quick to break in with flexibility in the shank but still manage to maintain decent longevity for the price with my average feet. As a comparison, the overall shape is similar to but slightly more square than my old Suffolk Solos and the shank is much easier to manipulate. I hope to continue purchasing these shoes as currently, they are my perfect fit.