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Dance Is Life. Live Your Passion.

Dancewear Centre is a dance lifestyle store. We are all about that passion for dance and the products that compliment your dance lifestyle. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve danced your entire life, you are part of our dance community, full of passionate people who share the same desire... to dance! We’re here to help you fulfill those dreams of dancing by providing you with the best possible products so you can go out there and dance your heart out! 

dance is life. live your passion.

Dance reaches far beyond the walls of a studio, a living room, or a theatre. Dance is life. It is an art and movement lifestyle that emits the feeling of freedom and expression present in our everyday lives. Our lifestyle as dancers may vary, but it streams around movement, health and hard work. When you are a dancer you live your passion. Whether you are a beginner tapper, first ballet soloist, or like to burn it up with friends on the dance floor, we know that dance is a passion. It shapes who we are.

A focus on dance, fitness, healthy living, personal expression, and supporting local brands, are all aspects of what we look for when bringing new products into our store.  Dancewear is our core, and we will always strive to have products to meet your passion and style.  Whether it is for your dance class or outside the studio, we are for dance lifestyle lovers in every part of our lives. Come visit our flagship store in Toronto, Canada. We think shopping should be fun and build around our passion for dance. Whether you are looking for a new pair of dance shoes, exploring our 50’ leotard wall, or sharing a dance selfie, we want your experience to be exciting. Live + share your passion for dance with Dancewear Centre in-store and online. #dancewearcentre