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Capezio Bunheads Pinky Pad Gel Toe Cushioning - BH1040 - Clear

Dancing never felt so freeing with the Pinky Pad Gel Toe Cushioning by Capezio Bunheads.

    • Polymer gel pinky pad
    • Provides blister relief
    • Cone-shaped gel pads that can be worn on any of the small toes
    • Provides relief from corns and blisters
    • Each package contains 6 pinky pads
    • Hand wash and reuse

Materials: Made of 100% Polymer Gel

Style: BH1040

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Customer Reviews

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Capezio Bunheads BH1040 - Pinky Pad Gel Toe Cushioning

When I ordered this I did not realize it was for Pinky toe. My second tow is longer than my big toe and for years I have been wearing shoes a little too small. This has caused my second toe to curl and it hurts on the joint when I am wearing lots of my shoes. This Pinky Pad Gel Toe has been excellent - it fits on my second toe and protects it from rubbing against my shoe. And it is easier to use than bandaids because you can put it on and take it off easily.