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Grishko Exam Demi Pointe Shoes - Soft Block - Womens

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Exam Soft Block Demi Pointe Shoes for Women by Grishko. The Exam is a soft, demi-pointe shoe based on the Grishko 2007. It has a smooth, leather sole and a drawstring. It features a soft insole that helps strengthen the foot, specifically by developing ankle stability and the forefoot. The meticulous design prepares beginners for pointe work by improving balance and familiarizing the foot to the more confined space of a pointe shoe. It is recommended that the Exam be used by beginner dancers until they are ready to graduate to the Alice model. Please note that it is dangerous to stand on pointe in these shoes. Handmade in Russia.

Material: Satin (Upper Material), Leather (Sole Material)
Style: Exam