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Antonio Pacelli

Antonio Pacelli Ultraflexi Concorde Leather Irish Jig Shoes - Womens

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Ultraflexi Concorde leather Irish jig shoes for women by Antonio Pacelli. The Antonio Pacelli Ultraflexi jig shoe has a flexible black suede sole and high quality leather uppers. The Ultraflexi is the perfect jig shoe for dancers who do a lot of toe stands and toe walking as the Ultraflexi is flexible straight out of the box. The shoe comes with a U-shaped heel stiffener so the top edge of the back of the shoe, the part of the shoe which meets your achilles tendon, is softer and reduces the possibility of blisters and irritation when new. All Ultraflexi jig shoes have a poron insole which is a medical grade material which has excellent shock absorbing properties which reduces the impact on the joints of the foot and lower body when dancing. Other features of the Ultraflexi include a high grade strap and easy open/close buckles - important when you need to quickly change from soft to hard shoes during competitions! These Ultraflexi hard shoes come fitted with Concorde tips and Concorde heels, which are championship level tips and are worn by many of the world's top dancers. They are made from a composite material which is a mix of several ingredients, all tightly compressed together to create a very high density material. Not only are they very loud, they also produce an excellent tone and depth of sound. Made in Ireland.

Style: Ultraflexi Concorde