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Grishko High Sides Hypoallergenic Gel Pointe Shoe Toe Pads - 5010B

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High Sides Hypoallergenic Gel Pointe Shoe Toe Pads by Grishko. Grishko toe pads (ouch pouches) let a dancer feel the floor and focus on their practice by protecting their toes and relieving pressure. A thin layer of gel protects the metatarsal area from friction and pressure associated with pointe work. The gel pads protect the toes and forefoot, relieves pressure and helps prevent blisters and corns. The gel base is covered with stretch cotton fabric and ultra-soft seams for maximum comfort. The compact design provides support and coverage without taking up much room in the shoe or preventing the dancer from feeling the floor. It is recommended to lightly dust the toe pads with powder (inside and out), then insert toes into pouch and pull tights over the pads. After use, wash the pads in soapy warm water, dry gently and powder them in talc.

Material: Cotton (Upper Material), Hypoallergenic Gel (Lining Material)
Style: 5010B