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Capezio Cobra Leather Split Sole Ballet Slippers - 2033 Womens

Size Guide
Capezio Women's Ballet Slippers Sizing Guide
General Sizing Recommendations
Women should start with their regular street shoe size to a half size larger.  The shoes should feel snug with your toes flat and near the end of the shoe. The shoe will mold to your foot and leather styled shoes will stretch a half size with wear. To ensure that the shoes are supportive of your foot and ankle, a snug fit is recommended.Men should start 2 - 2.5 sizes larger than their regular street shoe size. 

Specific Style Sizing Exceptions
For Daisy 205, women should start one width narrower than their regular shoe size, as this style is made on a wide last. For Hanami 2037W + 2038W women should start 1 - 2 sizes larger  than their regular street shoe size and men should start 3 - 3.5 sizes larger than their regular street shoe size.

Product sizing is to be used as a guide as the actual fit may vary. If you have any concerns about product sizing please contact us prior to ordering.
Color: Light Pink
Light Pink
Size: 4
Width: Medium

The Cobra Leather Split Sole Ballet Slippers by Capezio are a split sole Ballet slipper, perfect for accentuating that pointed foot.

    • Leather split sole ballet slippers
    • Pre-arched design hugs the foot
    • Pre-attached crossed elastics
    • Adjustable elastic drawstrings
    • Soft durable leather that molds to the foot
    • Moisture-wicking comfortable cotton lining

Style: 2033

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Julie H.
Super Cute!

Super Cute!