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Lifestyle Lovers! Welcome to What The Fouette Dance Blog

Danceweaer Centre Store Grand Opening 2017

Between you and your movement practice whether it be dance, yoga or an athletic sport, there is an entire community that surrounds and supports your every step, pirouette, warrior pose, shuffle or tumble. Established in 2007, the roots of the Dancewear Centre were built upon the core values of community, support and a mutual love for art and movement. Carrying on the family dance legacy, President of the Dancewear Centre, Robert and his wife Amanda (a dancer herself) have brought together their understanding and love for art, movement, community and lifestyle to the forefront of their business.

Marking the first year anniversary of the opening of our new store, we continue to celebrate this lifestyle of loving, laughing and living through art, expression, style and movement.

What is it about our respective art and movement forms that make every drop of sweat, ache and pain worth it? Of course, how we each experience the beauty of our forms is very individual, but within that unexplainable imprint that it leaves on our skin and in our bones there is something communal that brings us together. The power to feel alive, to express and exert your emotions, your style, the power to create change are all things that are possible within our forms.
The life that is built within art and movement comes down to the environment, the community and the indescribable energy and senses that are invigorated by practice, exploration and performance. Whatever your environment might be; the outdoors, a studio, the stage. Whoever your community might be; your friends, teachers, an audience, they all contribute to the growth of us as human beings and allow us to shape and transform ourselves.

Here at the Dancewear Centre, we aim to contribute to the environment, community and energy of your practice by providing a range of products from dancewear, activewear to skin products and yoga accessories so that you can express your style and your individual being.

Times are changing, traditionally in dance classes uniforms were mandatory and the classic bun was the standard in class. But with “casual friday’s” and special occasions where you get to style your practice as you wish, the options to express your style are endless. Products for movement lovers alike, we provide an array of ways to express yourself, whether its personalizing your wardrobe or your gear. We owe it to ourselves as artists to be free and creative both in our art forms and in the way we style our practice. Do we always need to be in uniform like we’re characters in Harry Potter? I mean honestly, they were pretty bland when it came to “Casual Fridays” and they had magic, come on wave that wand and be fabulously you!
As we have been expanding the diversity of products we offer, we also hope to share tips and to inspire as well as be inspired by the lifestyle of art and movement. Through this blog we will share various experiences within the Dance, Movement, Art and Yoga community, providing an outlet for discussion and exchange.

So let’s begin our journey of building a community of movement, art and lifestyle lovers!


Melinda Gaskin

About The Author
Melinda Gaskin is a contemporary dance artist, creative assistant and writer navigating the concepts of culture and identity construction. Born and raised in Toronto under both Eastern and Western influences, the questioning and curiosity of identification, culture and heritage were heavily embedded throughout her life. Melinda has an extensive background in contemporary dance choreography, performance and ballet pedagogy. She received her undergraduate training from York University, Canada's National Ballet School and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts Degree from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Having performed with Divine Heritage Artistry, Peggy Baker Dance Projects, Zuni Icosahedron and Unity space, Melinda now works as a Creative Assistant for the Hong Kong based international experimental theatre company, Zuni Icosahedron.

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